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By: Mikita | 28 May 2024

Buy The Best Selling Mobile Phones In India 2024

In the rapidly evolving world of technology, staying ahead with the latest mobile phones is essential. As we step into 2024, the demand for top mobile brands in India continues to soar. Whether you're looking for cutting-edge features, superior camera quality, or unmatched performance, the best mobile brands in India offer something for everyone. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore the highest-selling mobile phones in India for 2023 and what makes them the top choices among consumers. If you're considering upgrading, this guide will help you make an informed decision and show you where to sell old phone for the best value.

best selling mobile brands in india

The Best Mobile Brands in India: An Overview

The Indian smartphone market is booming with activity, and several brands have emerged as leaders. The competition is fierce, and the best mobile brands in India are constantly upgrading to capture the market's attention. Here, we'll delve into what makes these brands stand out and why they are the highest selling mobile phones in India.

1. Samsung: The Innovator

Samsung has consistently been a top mobile brand in India, known for its innovation and quality. In 2023, Samsung maintained its position as a leading smartphone manufacturer, with models like the Samsung Galaxy S23 and Galaxy Note series capturing significant market share.

Key Statistics:

  • Samsung held a 20% market share in India in 2023.
  • The Galaxy S23 was one of the highest selling mobile phones in India.

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2. Xiaomi: The Value King

Xiaomi has made a name for itself by offering high-quality smartphones at competitive prices. The brand's popularity soared with models like the Redmi Note 12 and Mi 11 series, making it the no 1 smartphone brand in India for value-seekers.

Key Statistics:

  • Xiaomi captured a 25% market share in India in 2023.
  • The Redmi Note 12 was a top-selling model.

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3. Apple: The Premium Choice

Apple continues to dominate the premium smartphone segment in India. The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro Max were among the highest selling mobile phones in India, thanks to their advanced features and unparalleled user experience.

Key Statistics:

  • Apple secured a 15% market share in the premium segment.
  • The iPhone 14 series saw a 30% increase in sales compared to the previous year.

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4. OnePlus: The Performance Beast

OnePlus is known for its high-performance smartphones that cater to tech enthusiasts and gamers. Models like the OnePlus 11 and OnePlus Nord series have been popular among users seeking powerful devices at competitive prices.

Key Statistics:

  • OnePlus held a 10% market share in India in 2023.
  • The OnePlus 11 was a favorite among tech-savvy consumers.

5. Realme: The Rising Star

Realme has rapidly gained popularity in India by offering feature-rich smartphones at affordable prices. The Realme GT series and Realme Narzo series have been particularly successful in capturing the budget segment.

Key Statistics:

  • Realme captured a 12% market share in India in 2023.
  • The Realme GT series saw significant sales growth.

Detailed Review of the Top Models

Let's take a closer look at the specifications and standout features of the highest selling mobile phones in India from these top brands.







Price Range


Galaxy S23

6.1" Dynamic AMOLED

Exynos 2200 / Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

108MP + 12MP + 10MP


₹70,000 - ₹80,000


Redmi Note 12


Snapdragon 778G

108MP + 8MP + 5MP


₹20,000 - ₹25,000


iPhone 14 Pro Max

6.7" Super Retina XDR

A15 Bionic

48MP + 12MP + 12MP


₹1,20,000 - ₹1,30,000


OnePlus 11

6.55" Fluid AMOLED

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

50MP + 48MP + 8MP


₹55,000 - ₹60,000


Realme GT

6.43" Super AMOLED

Snapdragon 870

64MP + 8MP + 2MP


₹25,000 - ₹30,000

Why These Mobile Brands Are Popular?

Understanding why these brands are the top mobile brands in India involves looking at various factors such as innovation, pricing strategy, customer loyalty, and market reach.

Innovation and Technology

Samsung and Apple are renowned for their technological advancements. Samsung's foldable phones and high-end cameras set it apart, while Apple's ecosystem and seamless integration with other Apple products make it a preferred choice for many. OnePlus and Realme, on the other hand, focus on providing high performance and innovative features at competitive prices.

Competitive Pricing

Xiaomi and Realme's aggressive pricing strategy has made them favorites among budget-conscious consumers. By offering high-spec smartphones at affordable prices, these brands have managed to capture a significant portion of the market. OnePlus also offers great value, especially for performance-oriented users.

Brand Loyalty and Trust

Apple and Samsung have built a loyal customer base over the years. Their commitment to quality and consistent user experience has ensured repeat customers and high brand trust. OnePlus and Xiaomi have also built strong communities through their user-centric approach and continuous innovation.

Market Reach and Availability

Xiaomi, Samsung, and Realme have an extensive distribution network in India, making their phones readily available across urban and rural areas. This widespread availability contributes to their high sales volumes. Apple, while focusing on the premium segment, ensures availability through its exclusive stores and online platforms.

Detailed Review of the Top Models

Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

The Samsung Galaxy S23 series is known for its stunning display, powerful performance, and exceptional camera capabilities. The S23 Ultra, with its 108MP camera and 8K video recording, has been a game-changer in the market.


  • Superior camera quality
  • High-resolution display
  • Long battery life


  • Premium pricing

Xiaomi Redmi Note 12

The Redmi Note 12 offers excellent value for money with features like a 120Hz AMOLED display, a 108MP camera, and a powerful Snapdragon processor. It is a perfect blend of performance and affordability.


  • Affordable pricing
  • High-performance specs
  • Impressive battery life


  • MIUI software can be overwhelming for some users

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max

The iPhone 14 Pro Max stands out with its A15 Bionic chip, ProMotion display, and advanced camera system. It is designed for users who want the best in terms of performance and luxury.


  • Seamless integration with the Apple ecosystem
  • High-quality display and performance
  • Strong brand value


  • High cost
  • Limited customization options

OnePlus 11

The OnePlus 11 is celebrated for its performance, especially among tech enthusiasts and gamers. It features a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor and a versatile camera setup, making it a powerful contender in the market.


  • Powerful performance
  • Fast and smooth OxygenOS
  • Strong community support


  • Camera performance could be better in low light

Realme GT

The Realme GT offers a balanced mix of performance and affordability. With a Snapdragon 870 processor and a 64MP camera, it caters to users looking for high-end features without breaking the bank.


  • Great performance for the price
  • Stylish design
  • Fast charging


  • Software can be improved

Where to Sell Your Old Phone

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Choosing the right smartphone can be overwhelming given the multitude of options available. However, by focusing on the top mobile brands in India, you can narrow down your choices and find the best phone that meets your needs. Whether you opt for Samsung's innovation, Xiaomi's value for money, Apple's premium quality, OnePlus' performance, or Realme's affordability, you can be assured of getting a top-performing device.

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For more detailed insights on the best-selling phones in India, you can also refer to the brand websites.

By following this guide, you'll be well-equipped to make an informed decision and stay ahead in the ever-evolving mobile phone market.